A Week In Brooklyn, NY, On A $156,000 Salary

A Week In Brooklyn, NY, On A $156,000 Salary

Welcome to Money Diaries, the build we’re tackling what could per chance seemingly be the last taboo going via contemporary working females: money. We’re asking millennials how they utilize their exhausting-earned money at some level of a seven-day period — and we’re monitoring every last buck.

At the unusual time: a creator/producer working in leisure who makes $156,000 per 365 days and spends some of her money this week on Origins leer cream.

Occupation: Writer /Producer

Industry: Entertainment

Age: 35

Build apart: Brooklyn, Novel York

Salary: $156,000

Paycheck Amount (2x/month): $four,085

Month-to-month Fees

Rent: My husband and I shatter up our $2,900 rent commensurate to our salaries. He makes a minute bit lower than half of what I attain, so he can pay $1,000, and I pay $1,900. I furthermore shroud cable/cyber web. All utilities and laundry are incorporated in our rent.

Vehicle Mortgage Fee: $183 (I continuously pay between $200 and $500 per month.)

Student Loans: $Zero (Already paid off.)

Cable & Web: $172 (I may per chance like to drop cable this 365 days, however my husband watches your complete vague sports actions and I watch (gulp) Bravo, so how?)

Donations: $30 to Planned Parenthood and Amnesty Global

Vehicle & Renters Insurance coverage: $113

MetroCard: $121

Cell telephone Invoice: $88

Fitness center Membership: $75

Netflix & Hulu: $22 (My family — and some ex-boyfriends, I believe — mooch from me.)

Stash Funding Story: $30

Credit ranking Card: I respect $7,000 in credit card debt that I’m aggressively paying down. We well principal got married last month, and that shit used to be no longer cheap. We got beneficiant reduction from both sets of (impartial valid-making an try) people, however I unruffled maxed out my credit card on your complete unexpected prices of a marriage and honeymoon.

eight:30 a.m. — Salvage up to my husband, G., closing the door as he leaves for work. I continuously are making an try to wake up by eight, however I used to be up in actuality gradual writing and I overslept. I drink a broad glass of water, debate putting on a bra and make a call in opposition to it, and head reduction over to my computer to total the writing I used to be engaged on last evening. I work in TV, and the closing dates by no technique discontinuance.

12:30 p.m. — Writing task is executed, and it be time to switch into the place of business. (My job is flexible with working from home, so I’m continuously in the place of business about three to four days a week.) I bathe and wash my hair (it be been three days and I’m able to’t push it anymore) and pack a lunch of peanut butter and jelly on wheat, a Siggi yogurt, and some grapes on the verge of withering to their loss of life. I furthermore pack a minute quantity of hazelnut espresso creamer so that you need to to add to the free espresso at work. I’m simplest on decaf now — I used to be having persistent fear assaults last 365 days, and cutting caffeine lowered them by about ninety%! I unruffled just like the taste of espresso and crave the ritual, so I continuously respect decaf a few days a week. I utilize the remainder of the day making TV, which for me technique engaged on scripts, sitting in on edits, and attending manufacturing conferences. I’ve been in this change for about 10 years, and I in actuality like it.

7:30 p.m. — Head out of the place of business and residential to my fresh husband. We got married four months in the past and respect been having some verbal change components impartial at present. We had a broad blowup the outdated day, and I’m unruffled feeling fashion of relaxed. I’ve realized that it be better in the long bustle to dig in than scheme back. We can both respect a whereas off for the vacations, and I are making an try to utilize quality time collectively and get reduction no longer astray. I get Asian rooster thighs and rice the utilization of coconut amino, sesame oil, ginger, rice vinegar, and brown sugar. Throw in some pink pepper and scallion, too. It be well principal, however I will seemingly skip the sugar subsequent time, because it be a minute bit too candy. We utilize the evening speaking about lighter things and enjoying every other’s firm. I’m reminded of how powerful I like him and discontinuance the day feeling calmer and optimistic. Even supposing I respect chocolate in the home, I shock myself by no longer eating it.

eight:30 a.m. — Salvage up to the sound of G. leaving. I dry shampoo my hair and accomplish my morning skincare routine: Proactiv cleanser, Burt’s Bees cleanser, toner, ferulic acid, moisturizer, below-leer brightener, sunscreen. (I’m reduction on Proactiv because I recently went off birth retain a watch on, and I’m making an try to defend my hormonal acne at bay.) Then I put on some minimal make-up, in conjunction with eyeliner, because I respect a particular lunch at the unusual time and I’m feeling wild. This complete process takes with out discontinuance however is infinitely improved by looking out at Vanderpump Tips whereas I primp.

9:Forty five a.m. — Welp, I spent too powerful time with Jax and Lala, and now I’m gradual for work. I take a Lyft as a substitute of taking the practice, which saves me about Quarter-hour. This is my most vulgar expense. I understand it be a complete shatter of money and a behavior I desperately wish I could per chance seemingly shatter…however I continuously attain this about once a week. I tip the motive force $four because it be no longer his fault that I’m running in the aid of. $25.50

1 p.m. — Go away for a work lunch. We breeze to a fresh field and respect one of the amazing cocktails, hummus, fried halloumi, labneh, pita, sumac fries, kofte, merguez sausage, miniature kabobs, and shakshuka. We fragment the plates and fragment strategies. It be all so delectable, and I dangle so lucky to work with such gleaming people. The meal is expensed, and I don’t behold the verify, although I judge we did some well-known harm. No one notices my eyeliner.

four p.m. — I get reduction to work a minute bit buzzed and take a uncover at to get some writing executed, however it be hopeless. The vacation shatter begins in a few days, and we respect to retain a watch on our closing dates around it. I uncover at my bank yarn and mentally prep for the remainder of my vacation spending. Since I’m technically freelance, I may per chance no longer be getting paid over the next two weeks, so I’m making an try to defend an leer on my charge range. Even supposing I’m no longer hungry the least bit, I respect a banana.

7:30 p.m. — Go away the place of business and trail about a half mile to the practice. I swipe my MetroCard, however as a substitute of boating via, I’m punched in the gut by the turnstile. My month-to-month pass has bustle out. Since I will simplest trip the practice for a few extra days sooner than the vacation shatter, I decide so that you need to to add $25 to my card that I’m able to inform anytime, as a substitute of paying $32 for a weekly card that will bustle out. I dangle respect a Suze Orman-stage monetary wiz. I meet my impartial valid friend for a snappily cocktail. We talk via the successes and challenges of our relationships, and the cohesion feels so well principal. We celebration about once a week and barely change off the invoice. This time, she can pay. When I get home, G. is eating leftovers. I’m unruffled beefy from my lunch feast, so I well principal respect some kale salad. $25

9:30 p.m. — There is a band playing nearby that G. must verify out, so I clean up my face, and we head out to a local bar. He will get himself a cider and me ginger ale whereas I accurate a desk. The band is huge, and I congratulate myself for being out so gradual on a weeknight. We head home around 12. G. goes to mattress whereas I defend up and watch an episode of ninety Day Fiancé whereas eating some (okay, six) cookies. As that you need to to per chance seemingly also seemingly negate, snacks and trash TV are my vices.

1 a.m. — Head to mattress, however no longer sooner than doing my exhaustive stupid evening skincare routine, which is: micellar water, Burt’s Bees cleaner, toner, Inebriated Elephant evening serum (imagine the hype about this), moisturizer, and some shaded build serum on some leftover acne scars that well principal like my face so powerful they don’t are making an try to leave it. Just a few years in the past, I may per chance wash my face with regardless of I had lying around and call it a evening, however now that I’m an elder, I in actuality respect taking care of my skin, and I positively behold a distinction, which is motivation to defend it up even when I may per chance somewhat skip it.

eight a.m. — I wake up on time! It be a Christmas miracle. I put my hair in a aspect braid, skincare it up, don my very most life like flannel, and pack my lunch: one other PB&J and yogurt. My commute entails about 25 minutes of walking, and I try to defend up a brisk skedaddle to try to get my blood flowing.

11:30 a.m. — I wrote all morning since I respect one other closing date to hit sooner than the week is up. I take a look at my sis Venmo’d me $70 for a joint reward we’re coming into into on for our dear cousin. Switch it to my checking and get a mental impress to resolve up with the myriad relatives who furthermore owe me some money.

11:fifty two a.m. — Starved, since I skipped breakfast. I eat my PB&J and text with my three handiest guests. We’re on a team chat that is continually lit respect the 4th of July. All of them dwell shut to at least one yet any other, however I’m about a two-hour force away, so I don’t behold them nearly as continuously as I may per chance respect. We get plans to utilize a few days collectively subsequent week, and I scheme a coronary heart around my mental calendar.

6:30 p.m. — Head home a minute bit early and natty up the home a bit when I get there. I flip on the Christmas lights and feel all cozy. Then I shatter out the juicer and get two varieties of juice. The predominant one has turmeric, ginger, and lemon and we add cayenne and oil of oregano. We take “shots” of this on daily basis, and I judge it be huge for the immune gadget. The opposite juice is a broad batch of beet, orange, pineapple, carrot, and ginger. Once the juice mess is cleared (which takes a lifetime), I get spaghetti carbonara for dinner. I first cook down some bacon with garlic. Whereas that is working, I boil the spaghetti and toddle three eggs with so a lot of freshly grated parmesan. I add the pasta to the cooked bacon pan, add the egg combination, and add some starchy water to get the sauce persist with the pasta. Then G. comes home with cookies for me! He know pointers on how to my coronary heart. We eat dinner whereas looking out at outdated Christmas cartoons and the nostalgia is quite too powerful to endure.

1 a.m. — I respect a few of the cookies, wrap some gifts, and overview recipes to get for Christmas. I prompt my sister I may per chance put collectively the predominant meat dish for 15 people, and I’m though-provoking about going balls out and getting a filet mignon. I’m furthermore preparing your complete Christmas Eve meal and resolve on it to be in actuality particular. I like cooking, however I’m no longer constantly successful with my kitchen experiments. Shower, stupid evening skincare routine, and off to mattress.

eight a.m. — Salvage up with a scratchy throat and drink a mountainous glass of water, a ginger shot with so a lot of echinacea, after which one of the most vital beet juice I made last evening. I let that every body sink in for a minute while and originate to feel better. I get some avocado toast and eat whereas I watch ninety Day Fiance, snappily-forwarding via the couples who are too upsetting to respect. Which ability of I showered and washed my hair last evening, I well principal respect to dry it a minute bit extra and put some waves in. I throw on a unlit polka dot dress, a cardigan, and some brown booties, and head into the place of business.

9:30 a.m. — Stroll previous a development scheme and a employee feedback on my “tight minute ass.” I don’t know how he can get it out below my layers of wool, however I dangle #blessed regardless…

1:20 p.m. — Feeling so hungry, however I try to defend out for two p.m., after we are going to be having a casual vacation celebration. I know there may per chance be a selection of delectable meals and treats. I respect a seltzer and a granola bar to tide me over.

6 p.m. — The celebration used to be huge! No one can in actuality get powerful executed afterwards, so I head home a minute bit early and discontinuance at the pharmacy to buy wrapping paper and ovulation tester thingies. Customarily a persist with pee on that would assert you in case you are ovulating. I’m making an try to get knocked up. As I’m going to pay, I in actuality bustle into my husband, who’s there to defend up a prescription. I reward him my pee sticks, and we grin at every other. We relate about dinner, make a call we’re both no longer very hungry, and head home to reheat some butternut squash soup and watch Homecoming. I despise supporting Amazon, however I’m loving this reward. $39.fifty seven

11 p.m. — G. and I snuggle on the sofa until we both breeze to sleep (#everynight). I mosey myself to the lavatory, attain an abridged model of my skincare routine, and head to mattress.

eight:30 a.m. — Closing day sooner than TWO WEEKS of vacation shatter. I dispute/impart “One Day Extra” from Les Misérables to my husband, who would no longer get the reference and would no longer seem to respect my rendition. In fairness to me, it be exhausting to nail all nine parts without delay. Moreover, well principal to account for — I may per chance be working over this shatter. I fetch it very no longer susceptible to defend up with closing dates with out putting in some previous usual time at evening and on weekends. And this week is in particular unproductive attributable to your complete (stress-free!) vacation interruptions, so I will seemingly work the identical of three beefy days to accumulate up. I pack my last PB&J of the 365 days and the remainder of the beet juice and put collectively for the day. It be pouring, so I attain minimal hair and make-up and put on my least inviting garments. I furthermore dig out my raincoat that I got in Iceland earlier this 365 days — their weatherproof instruments is legit. I head out to work.

11:30 a.m. — Wrote all morning and labored up an appetite, so I eat the PB&J and a banana I snagged from the place of business kitchen. There are vacation treats around, so I take a pear and a uncover of chocolate-lined popcorn to provide to my dad.

12:17 — Purchase the Les Mis long-established solid recording soundtrack on iTunes. I well principal…needed to. $16.99

1:49 p.m. — Venmo my coworker $20 for the joint vacation gifts we ordered for the staff. I already gave her $eighty, however she needs a bit extra since the taxes and prices had been factored in. $20

four:30 p.m. — Champagne has been flowing since noon, and people are quietly disappearing. I put on my rain instruments and head out into the deluge to bustle some errands I’ve been warding off all week. First discontinuance, eyebrows. I respect thick, unruly Armenian eyebrows that respect a thoughts of their include. I now get them executed every few months by this amazing and intensely blunt lady. Closing time I noticed her, she said I had waited too long and needed to originate once more “from the ground up.” She prices an gigantic $eighty five, however she’s a magician. She’s executed Rihanna’s eyebrows! $eighty five

5:15 p.m. — Next, I’m going to Madewell to attain reduction three items I purchased online last week at some level of a broad sale. The dress used to be too broad, the tip used to be too tight, and the pink turtleneck gave my skin a cholera-esque hue. $131 reduction on my credit card. Then I hit up Breads Bakery for a couple chocolate babkas to bring to some family celebrations ($24.Ninety five). Lastly, I hit Sephora to spherical out my Christmas gifts for my sisters. They are getting First Back Beauty cleanser, serum, and moisturizer and GinZing undereye cream from Origins. I furthermore throw in some mud masks and defend up a YSL highlighting pen for myself. All of us respect the same skin tone/components, so looking for them is so easy. I respect to discontinuance myself from spending millions on my candy sisters every 365 days. I respect a $50 reward card, so the balance for this haul is $A hundred sixty 5.87. I hear to the Les Mis soundtrack valid via my breeze and, I’m unhappy to declare, it would no longer defend up. $a hundred ninety.eighty two

7:30 p.m. — I meet up with G., and we’re both cheerful that the vacation shatter has begun. We head to our approved native Italian restaurant and expose mussels in pink sauce, lemon pasta with ricotta, and a pasta with sausage and broccoli raab. I’m going ham on the entirety. We shatter up the invoice — this field is money simplest, and between us we respect barely adequate to shroud it. We head home and G. sweetly performs Christmas carols on the guitar whereas I impart alongside. My bid is that if truth be told monstrous, however his is terribly tremendous, and I’m feeling so suppose material that here is how we’re spending our first married Christmas. I put on Salubrious Metropolis, and we’re both asleep on the sofa in 10 minutes. We somehow get our procedure into mattress, and I somehow wash my f’ing face beforehand. $35

four a.m. — G. is thrashing around in his sleep, and now I’m broad awake. All I’m able to utter is…lemon pasta. I flip up the noise machine so he can sleep via the microwave, and heat up the lemon pasta with out incident. But then I elbow the dish rack and with out warning pots, pans, plates, and glasses breeze crashing at some level of the ground. G. somehow sleeps via it. I eat my lemon pasta and the popcorn I used to be planning to provide to my dad (whoopsies) whereas looking out at (what else?) ninety Day Fiancé. The anguished tones of ill-matched couples arguing lull me reduction to a level-headed slumber.

9 a.m. — Saturday morning — time to accumulate up on some housekeeping. We attain laundry, change the sheets on the mattress, and wrap the remainder of the Christmas gifts. I sit down and draw out a grocery list for the upcoming days. Later at the unusual time, we’re heading to my cousin’s for yet one other impartial valid-making an try meal, and I prompt her I may per chance breeze over early to help. I ranking some platters and pull out some wine in preparation.

2 p.m. — Decide up a few bottles of South Australian Shiraz at the liquor store for tonight’s dinner. I don’t know a thing about wine, however a chum prompt this one. $39.17

four p.m. — Head to my cousin’s, put on an apron, and get to work. There is plenty to attain to get her one-mattress room home ready for a dinner celebration for nine (plus two sexy infants — my nieces!). We location the desk and mix up the cocktail, a Bourbon Smash. It be muddled orange, lemon juice, maple syrup, bitter, and bourbon. When the company arrive, I will mix with so a lot of ice and top with seltzer and an orange peel. Extremely suggest if you like an Vulnerable Accepted.

6 p.m. — The company (my prolonged family and my husband) arrive, and we chow down on appetizers: crab dip, stuffed mushrooms, olives, charcuterie, and cheese. The cocktails are a success. For dinner, we originate with a green salad, after which respect my cousin’s area of abilities — spaghetti in pink sauce with seafood. At the unusual time she made clams, mussels, snapper, and scallops. One in all the two infants is screaming valid via the meal, however my sister offers her something referred to as toddler paper, which is that if truth be told crinkly paper that is accurate to chew on, after which we well principal hear crinkling and cooing the remainder of the evening. We furthermore respect bread with Kerrygold butter, and here could per chance seemingly be the one handiest thing I respect eaten all week. My mom offers me $240 — $one hundred of it’s a ways a belated marriage ceremony reward from a family impartial valid friend, and the $140 is price for some gifts I purchased for her. I’m prosperous!

12:30 a.m. — The infants and their drained people leave, and the remainder of us sip port and eat cookies until hour of darkness. G. and I head home, put on a South Park episode, and breeze to sleep whereas visions of Cartman dance in our heads. I didn’t wash my face and ought to utterly pay.

9 a.m. — I wake up, wash up, and now it be breeze time. It be the day sooner than Christmas Eve, and I respect one billion errands to bustle. I first head to a restaurant to get a decaf espresso, a carve of zucchini bread, and a wholesome rooster and rice plate to eat later. I eat my breakfast whereas ending up Calypso by David Sedaris. I by no technique wanted this book to discontinuance. $19.50

10 a.m. — Errand-a-palooza continues! I defend up toothpaste and make-up remover at the pharmacy ($16.34). Then I head to a cute housewares store to try attain up my Christmas making an try. I discontinuance up getting a like tobacco candle for myself and an ornament for my brother-in-law ($fifty three.35). Stroll inner and out of a half-dozen other shops and discontinuance up in a kitchen store, the build I defend up a spice grinder and a flight of salts for my culinarily-inclined cousin and a few magnets for my sister ($Sixty nine.sixty three). I then head to the butcher to defend up the pink meat tenderloin for Christmas dinner. The road actually snakes across the block, so I hear to a podcast, Armchair Professional, whereas I wait. The seven pound tenderloin is a staggering $159. Power is on to cook that pet completely. $298.32

three p.m. — I attain home, and G. and I change minute gifts and broad hugs. He’s about to get on a airplane to utilize the vacation alongside with his family, and I will join them in a few days. We attain this every 365 days, and although it stinks to be apart on Christmas Day, total, it in actuality works for us. We eat the rice bowl I picked up this morning, and I get a broad bunch of kale because my physique is craving dietary vitamins. After G. leaves, I gab on the phone with my handiest impartial valid friend for two hours. Magically after we hang up, your complete home is ravishing neat.

eight p.m. — Now that the crowds respect died down, I head out to the grocery store to get the provisions for Christmas Eve dinner. I’m making cod with white beans, olives, and kale, lemon pasta (I well principal can’t get adequate), and olive oil cake with pears. At the shop, I defend up bitter cream, white beans, heavy cream, vanilla extract, fresh oregano, rosemary, thyme, kale, cod, cake flour, a baguette, lemons, olives, shallots, fresno chili, spaghetti, and olive oil. I furthermore buy some eggnog. I well principal like that stuff. I’m having a soft coronary heart attack about your complete money I spent at the unusual time, however I needless to declare some of my family unruffled owes me some $$, and I try no longer to dwell on it. $77.31

11 p.m. — I utilize the remainder of the evening prepping meals and texting with my people. I attain a charcoal shroud so my pores don’t offend any individual tomorrow. G. lets me know that his flight landed, and I head to mattress, dreaming of a white Christmas.

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