10 Easy Food Swaps for Healthier Family Meals

10 Easy Food Swaps for Healthier Family Meals

About a months ago, after I shared my 60-pound weight reduction (40 kilos of child weight plus 20 additional kilos) I purchased so many questions about what exactly I became attractive (or now not attractive) — particularly if I became making different food for myself or attractive alongside with my household.

The short resolution is that I frequently eat different meals for breakfast and lunch (1000’s veggies, eggs, and salads) and we all eat the the same dinner together — although I frequently pile on the veggies better than the leisure of the household!

This methodology has worked neatly for the past year as Dave and I nearly repeatedly eat breakfast sooner than the kids are even unsleeping — so it’s no large deal to create 2 different breakfasts. And we’ve repeatedly allowed the kids to take their very absorb meals for lunch (within motive) so once more, it’s no hardship or additional work for me to position different meals on our plates at lunch time.

In phrases of dinner on the opposite hand, we repeatedly (neatly, perchance 99.9% of the time) sit down the final draw down to eat a wonderful meal together at the table… and there is now not always a technique I’m going to create a couple of enormous meals for dinner each night.

There are conditions after I would perchance maybe maybe create 2 adaptations of a meal (salmon and chicken with the the same aspect dishes or much less cheese on half the casserole) but for the most phase, we all eat the the same thing for dinner.

We’re large on aspect dishes at our house so I repeatedly absorb a couple of aspect dishes for folk to take from. This makes it easy for folk to absorb up on their favorites whereas trying about a bites of something they don’t cherish as great. It’s additionally a handy methodology for me to absorb my plate with lots and 1000’s vegetables, whereas mute playing smaller portions of our household’s approved meals.


That said, I truly absorb additionally tried truly attractive to create so much of “food swaps” for our household meals.

I’m SUPER impressed with what number of extra nutritious meals I’ve been ready to encompass into our household meals — frequently without the kids even noticing! In actuality, it’s now not ordinary for them to ask for seconds!

If you’re searching for about a slightly easy strategies to swap extra nutritious meals into your loved ones meals, I mediate recently’s post affords you a truly large living to originate up!

1. Spaghetti Squash in living of Pasta

We’ve grown spaghetti squash in our backyard the past so much of summers, and our entire household has learned to really fancy squash!

It’s so easy to cook in a tedious cooker, and it’s a wonderful nutritious substitution for outdated-customary noodles in any of your approved pasta dishes (here’s our approved pizza pasta made with spaghetti squash).

2. Zucchini Noodles In Residence of Pasta

Zucchini Noodles (a.k.a zoodles) are every other considered one of our approved pasta substitutes — and a extra special methodology to salvage extra veggies into your weight reduction program.

Zoodles cook up in a matter of minutes (sauté them in a frying pay with a bit olive oil and garlic) and beauty large with so many different forms of sauces, cheeses, aspect dishes, breads, etc.

Here’s our approved 10-minute zoodle recipe… and in uncover so that you can work EVEN MORE veggies into your meal, are trying making this straightforward vegetable marinara sauce. It’s excellent! My young folk don’t even realize they’re attractive vegetables!

3. Cauliflower Rice in living of White Rice

If you’ve by no methodology tried cauliflower rice sooner than, you are completely missing out! The adaptation between cauliflower rice and outdated-customary white or brown rice is form of undetectable in any of our approved casserole and soups (cherish this Rooster, Broccoli, “Rice” casserole) and this is able to maybe attach you a bunch of empty energy as neatly as create better your veggie consumption with nearly zero effort.

I salvage my cauliflower rice from the freezer part at Aldi — but you’ll want to maybe maybe create your absorb truly like a flash by putting a head of cauliflower in a food processor and pulsing the blade so much of conditions.

Four. Dim Beans, Mushrooms, and Lentils in living of Some Meat

I’ve shared this tip sooner than — but substituting cooked gloomy beans, cooked mushrooms, and/or cooked lentils for SOME of our meat saves money on our grocery bill as neatly as a bunch of energy. Plus, gloomy beans, mushrooms, and lentils all absorb 1000’s protein, fiber, and further!

Here’s extra recordsdata on how I sub these nutrient-prosperous chocolates in living of about a of our meat.

5. Candy Potatoes in living of White Potatoes

Our household LOVES potatoes and we mute eat them generally throughout the week. On the opposite hand, we additionally fancy candy potatoes (especially Clara and me) so I repeatedly preserve a large bin of roasted veggies (at the side of candy potatoes) ready to budge in the fridge.

We mix them into casseroles, we eat them for breakfast, I build them on salads, etc. etc.

They’re filled with vitamins and a first fee aspect dish for so many different meals (even Mexican!)

6. Undeniable Greek Yogurt in living of Sour Cream

Our household worn to battle via so much of wonderful tubs of sour cream every month — our young folk even ate it undeniable by the spoonful!

I don’t absorb something against sour cream or high-chunky dairy products, but after attractive undeniable sour cream and undeniable Greek yogurt, I noticed the yogurt tasted nearly exactly cherish sour cream and became considerably extra nutritious!

I truthfully don’t even agree with in suggestions the closing time I purchased sour cream as we now swap undeniable Greek yogurt in living of sour cream for ALL our casseroles, baked items, dips, dressings, and further!

Of route, Greek Yogurt is extra costly than sour cream, but for now, that’s a model I’m prepared to pay!

7. Maple Syrup in living of High Fructose Corn Syrup

This became a bit an adjustment for us, but our household made the swap to Maple Syrup 2 years ago already and now it tastes “weird and wonderful” to absorb Mrs. Butterworth!

Since I create a hot breakfast every morning, we battle via slightly so much of syrup — so this became a first fee swap for us health-radiant.

It’s a bummer that maple syrup is SO great extra costly, but I have interaction it at Costco so it’s extra inexpensive.

I’ve additionally experimented with the usage of maple syrup in living of sugar in about a of my baking recipe (cherish my pancake and waffle recipes). To this level, no person appears to be like to be to review whenever I use maple syrup as a replace of sugar.

eight. Applesauce in living of Oil for baked items

Here is considered one of my most approved calorie-saving, chunky-saving baking strategies of all time. I’ve been doing this since I became in high college and it works pretty great every time!

Simply sub the loyal same quantity of UNSWEETENED applesauce for no matter quantity of oil known as for for your approved baked items, breads, truffles, etc. and likewise you’ll attach yourself so much of hundred energy with nearly ZERO style distinction.

Here’s my recipe for homemade applesauce — but indubitably, store-purchased works swish as neatly. Simply create obvious it’s unsweetened or your closing product will perchance turn out great too candy.

9. Ground Turkey in living of some Ground Pork

I truly absorb nothing against beef, and we eat it generally — on the opposite hand, I know ground turkey is an excellent leaner protein different, so I frequently are trying and mix half turkey and half beef (alongside with the beans, lentils and mushrooms I talked about above).

I’ve personally had large outcomes the usage of ground turkey, and even turkey sausage (we’re now not fans of turkey bacon or turkey pepperoni).

I frequently cook 3-5 kilos of ground turkey at a time, then divide it up into small baggage or storage containers for the freezer. It handiest takes a short time to defrost the meat and it’s advantageous to absorb a stash in our freezer as a rule.

10. Total Grain in living of White Flour

Over the past so much of months, I’ve read and learned SO great about different forms of grains, how flour is made, the benefits of entire grains, etc. etc. — it’s sharp to me!

I’ve additionally experimented with many different forms of grain… and we’ve founds so much of recent household favorites (extra on this subsequent week!)

To my surprise, my children truly cherish Wild Rice, Quinoa, Farro, Spelt, Kamut, and Oats — all of which are great extra nutritious than white rice or white flour. These grains are all pretty easy to create (boil them appropriate as you’ll want to maybe maybe maybe perchance boil rice or pasta) and offer many extra vitamins and vitamins. Most of them can even be made in a rice cooker, tedious cooker, or insta pot as neatly!


Of route, we’ve got now not completely deserted our approved pastas, rices, potatoes, meats, cheese, or candy treats — now not by a long shot.

You know me — repeatedly in desire of “All Issues In Moderation”

On the opposite hand, by the usage of slightly so much of those substitutions generally, I will create household-safe recipes which are much less calorie dense, increased in vitamins, filled with extra veggies, and absorb extra flavor as neatly!

The children absorb been truly large about trying all my recent concoctions, and it even appears to be like to be that they cherish any of my more moderen recipes better than about a of the outdated ones!

Who knows, your loved ones would perchance maybe maybe receive about a recent favorites too!

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