Fiona Phillips shares top guidelines for making all your body stare 10 years youthful

Fiona Phillips shares top guidelines for making all your body stare 10 years youthful

The day before this day TV presenter and columnist Fiona Phillips shared the secrets to feeling and making an strive out years youthful for your 50s and beyond.

Right here in phase two of her manual, the fifty eight-twelve months-used show conceal favourite looks at some of basically the most attention-grabbing programs to fall a decade from every one phase – out of your head to your toes…

Fiona says: “The field of TV is famously looks-obsessed but I’m proud to affirm I dangle never been on a diet – I threw my scales away after I modified into as soon as 18 and dangle never looked merit. And as for a every single day gym relate, neglect it, who has time for that?

“As an different I be particular I utilize healthily, but don’t deprive myself of things I trip, and I scamper EVERYWHERE! I firmly imagine it’s the one most attention-grabbing ingredient we can all originate to make particular we no doubt feel safe.

“That’s no longer to affirm you should per chance additionally’t originate thousands various things despite the incontrovertible truth that – strive these and likewise you should per chance additionally soon leer an total fresh youthful you.”

Fiona Phillips


On narrative of of our naturally falling hormone phases and the resulting fall in metabolism, the reasonable adult beneficial properties a pound a twelve months after the age of forty – much of this beefy finally ends up on our tummy.


  • Overhaul your diet – After 50, evaluate reveals a diet elevated in protein and lower in refined carbs – equivalent to white bread and pasta – is basically the most attention-grabbing for maintaining weight off.
  • Cut your stress – Leisure ways equivalent to yoga or meditation could per chance additionally merit shift weight spherical the belly – even with out a diet substitute. They seem to work by reducing our production of the stress hormone cortisol.

Overhaul your diet and your tummy will thanks


As we age, the pores and skin on our body also thins and loses elasticity, inflicting sagging and making cellulite extra glaring. After 50, we also divulge to lose leg muscle power extra all of a sudden, leaving us extra at possibility of falls.


  • Brush up – Dry brushing boosts the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid, bettering cellulite and pores and skin tone while also serving to slough off dry pores and skin cells. Using a tender-bristle brush, open by brushing the soles of your ft and dealing slowly in circular motions upwards towards the center. Repeat every morning and educate with a rich anti-increasing older body lotion.
  • Boost your steadiness – Stand on one foot for a minute on daily foundation (every sides) – constructing up from 10 seconds in the muse even as you occur to stare it engaging.


Sore knees in center age dangle an rate on two-thirds of us by 50. “Fortunately, the knees are by a ways basically the most attention-grabbing joint to merit younger and in factual working picture,” says Professor David Reid, consultant rheumatologist.

Painful knees are total in center age


  • Give a care for to the quads – These natty thigh muscular tissues enhance our knees so maintaining them stronger is the fundamental to youthful joints. Attain this every single day for 10-quarter-hour: Sit down on a seat with your ft touching the bottom after which straighten your legs, lifting up your ft till they are consistent with your thighs. Support the design for therefore lengthy as you should per chance additionally. Peaceable down for a 2d, then repeat.


Ageing takes as much toll on the ft as the remainder of the body. Toenails fetch thicker and extra brittle, making them sophisticated to lop and extra at possibility of becoming ingrown.

Yet another total topic is ‘adult acquired flat foot’ – precipitated by ligaments in the arches overstretching and one way or the other collapsing, main to foot and ankle pain.

Getting older takes its toll on the ft too


  • Cut toenails weekly – Must you stare this tricky, e-book a outing to a podiatrist.
  • Style your shoes – Combat flat foot painby buying shoes with lawful arch enhance.
  • Try a toe relate – Rolling a tennis ball beneath every foot for a number of minutes every single day can merit relate the ligaments and ease pain. Furthermore, merely going up and down fastidiously and slowly on tiptoes five instances a day will merit enhance your ft.


Enamel become yellower with age – a natural process worsened by stains precipitated by smoking and determined meals and drinks. Plus, the expression ‘lengthy in the teeth’ comes from the truth older gums shrink, making teeth seem longer!

Support these teeth as white as imaginable


  • Drink by a straw – And rinse your mouth with water after ingesting coffee, crimson wine or eating shadowy meals equivalent to berries.
  • Investigate fresh treatments – “As properly as repeatedly brushing and flossing twice every single day for two minutes, direct about with your dentist about one of the valuable newer beauty ways equivalent to teeth whitening and gum contouring that can per chance dangle a dramatic anti-increasing older discontinue and elevate years off your smile,” advises London Smiling dentist Dr Uchenna Okoye.


As we become outdated the diameter of particular person hairs naturally begins to lower, and by 50 most folks dangle finer hair. Lack of diet D, iron, zinc and protein in conjunction with changes in hormone phases as we age could per chance additionally additionally contribute, making hair extra brittle or sparse.

Meanwhile, untimely greying has been linked to an absence of the B Vitamins: biotin, B5, B12 and folic acid


  • Try a hair complement – In finding one containing the total well-known nutrients for wholesome, youthful hair listed above, equivalent to Hairburst (£24.Ninety nine, which is namely formulated to battle the negative impact of increasing older.
  • Spend a volumising shampoo – They’re designed to cleanse and restore moisture to brittle hair without including heavy residue to your locks. Try: Nexxus Childhood Renewal Shampoo for Stunning Hair (£6.Sixty six, Boots).

These guidelines will fetch you in fact feel much youthful


From the age of 30, our rate of pores and skin renewal slows extra with every passing decade. As a consequence, pores and skin becomes thinner and extra at possibility of sun pain while, in the deeper layers, collagen and elastin fibres destroy down, inflicting wrinkles and sagging.


  • Slather on sunscreen – Potentially the most attention-grabbing most attention-grabbing explanation for untimely pores and skin increasing older is repeated, lengthy-term publicity to ultraviolet rays. Place aside on no longer lower than SPF25 every single day – even in chilly climate.
  • Cut down alcohol – Drinking an excessive amount of increases the signs of increasing older by accelerating collagen breakdown.
  • Resolve products with confirmed advantages – Dr Dennis Irascible Alpha Beta Standard On a common foundation Peel is Home NK’s most attention-grabbing-promoting anti-ager and quite funds-fine at £Sixteen.50. Meanwhile, Boots No7 Provide protection to & Ultimate Intense Evolved Serum, £26, is among the few moisturisers scientifically confirmed to scale merit wrinkles.
  • Try Tixel – “It’s one of basically the newest and most attention-grabbing non-surgical treatments spherical, the utilization of deep penetrating warmth to tighten pores and skin and tender away comely traces,” explains Dr Tracy Mountford, founding father of The Cosmetic Skin Health center. It’s £550, but nonetheless a a part of the associated rate of extra invasive procedures.

Do now not be daunted by aging


The pores and skin spherical our eyes is thinner and extra mute, therefore the dreaded crows ft, shadowy circles and sagging.

In phrases of gaze problems, the first explanation for imaginative and prescient loss in folks after 50 is age-linked macular degeneration (AMD), which damages the retina’s skill to focus. Experiences show smoking, excessive publicity to UV gentle and diets low in the antioxidants show in fruit and veg all fetch bigger your possibility.

You’ll need the option to battle to focus as you become outdated


  • Spend peer cream with retinol – It’s basically the most attention-grabbing ingredient evaluate reveals can lop again traces. Try L’Oreal Revitalift Pro Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream (£12.Ninety nine, Boots).
  • At all times build on shades in engaging gentle – even in chilly climate.
  • Be pleased five portions of brightly-coloured fruit and veg every single day – this could well per chance additionally merely provide loads of diet A, C and E, lutein, zeaxanthin and zinc – the nutrients confirmed to provide protection to against AMD-linked imaginative and prescient loss.


A lifetime of loud noise and total build on and scoot can pain the nerves that ship sound messages from the internal ear to the brain. As a consequence, 20% of adults describe some hearing loss by 60.


  • Provide protection to your ears – Place aside on earplugs even as you occur to’re in a loud living and gradually flip your TV and radio down fair a petite on daily foundation for a week.
  • Restrict headphone use to an hour a day – And think noise-cancelling ones, which drown out outside sounds so you should per chance additionally dangle the quantity lower.

Provide protection to your ears


Starting for your monotonous 20s, your hippocampus – the phase of your brain to blame for bewitch – shrinks an reasonable of 1% a twelve months. Fortunately, one of the valuable pain is reversible.

Berries are rich in anti-oxidants


  • Be pleased genuine – Learn reveals that eating determined meals on a usual foundation can fetch bigger blood float to the brain and merit mental performance. Mind preserving superfoods embody antioxidant rich berries, plus oily fish equivalent to salmon which contains Omega-three fats.
  • Puzzle it out – Learn means that exercising your memory cells with challenges equivalent to crossword or Sudoku can merit ward off mental decline.


Once past our mid-thirties, the center muscular tissues and arteries open to lose some of their elasticity and switch into much less atmosphere fine at pumping blood. On the identical time our lung skill drops, reducing the oxygen we design into the body. This form poorer properly being phases and the next possibility of heart disease.


  • Bag transferring – Working the center and lungs is basically the most attention-grabbing manner to slack respiratory increasing older, guaranteeing you retain a factual lung skill and stronger heart muscular tissues and effectively reducing your heart attack possibility.
  • Gain 20 minutes on daily foundation for relate – The suitable manner to hit the suggested a hundred fifty minutes per week of reasonable-depth relate is a fast every single day session. Any relate

    that raises your heart and respiratory rate counts – brisk walking, dancing, gardening, even cleaning!

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