ProgrammableWeb’s Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs of 2018: Health, IoT, and Environment

ProgrammableWeb’s Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs of 2018: Health, IoT, and Environment

This segment of the Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs added to ProgrammableWeb in 2018 contains APIs for Health and Environment, including picks from Home Automation, Web of Things, Local weather, Climate, Solar, Health, Wearables, Healthcare, Medication, Scientific Recordsdata, Energy, Sustainability, Agriculture, and Marine lessons. Highlights from these fields are listed beneath. Let us know what APIs are lacking!

Hologram is a provider of mobile connectivity solutions for Web of Things (IoT) devices. The Hologram Socket APITrack this API permits developers to enable communication between embedded devices and the Hologram cloud. Its integration permits users to send SMS and other messages to the Hologram cloud, with API ideas obtainable for managing devices, managing mobile hyperlinks, managing accounts and records plans, plus SMS, cloud-to-procedure and CSR messaging.

Solunar APITrack this API affords developers with programmatic salvage entry to to solunar desk info for a specified location. This API is designed to enable fisherman and hunters to construct up out the kindly days and times to fish or hunt in line with the hypothesis that fish and animals vary their project and feeding patterns in line with solar and lunar cycles.

IoTPlotter is a service created for the maker community which collects raw sensor info from IoT (Web of Things) devices. Developers can send numerical info to the IoTPlotter APITrack this API for lengthy-term storage, graphing, and retrieval. The interactive graphs can then be shared with others, added to other web sites, or saved non-public for non-public use.

The Things Community objectives to tag a world start crowdsourced community for the Web of Things. The Things Community APITrack this API can even be inclined to alternate records with devices on The Things Community. MQTT is the protocol inclined for light-weight submit/subscribe messaging capabilities. The API is listed beneath the Web of Things class. Sight ProgrammableWeb‘s total record of IoT APIs. is a provider of a usage-based billing platform for telecom and IoT corporations. The APITrack this API affords developers with programmatic salvage entry to to usage-score, metered billing, customer info, and inventory catalog records. API ideas come in for adding a brand new customer, rising a seek data from or quote for tag new service, and extra. is a modular Web of Things platform with a hardware sensor kit. This kit ideas a GPS sensor, accelerometer sensor, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, and NB-IoT community chip. The APITrack this API has a REST structure inclined to salvage measurements and indicators from installed sensors. is a service for deploying code to fleets of linked devices. It permits users to remotely house up IoT devices the usage of tools much like git or Docker. The Resin APITrack this API returns IoT info in JSON layout. Developers can implement application calling, devices, VPN connectivity, native IP take care of, and web accessibility. Compose, deploy, and house up code with the API.

The Facilities for Medicare and Medicaid Products and services (CMS) Blue Button APITrack this API permits Medicare beneficiaries to connect their Medicare claims info to functions, products and services, and overview functions. The API permits permits a developer to register a beneficiary-going via application, permits a beneficiary to grant an application salvage entry to to four years of their Half A, B, and D claims info, and uses the HL7 FHIR ordinary for beneficiary info and OAuth for authorization. Model 2 of the API used to be goal currently launched by the the US Digital Carrier (USDS). ProgrammableWeb’s David Berlind interviewed USDS product manager Kelly Taylor who spearheaded the initiative. Strive the plump video interview and transcript.

Aidlab is a wearable mini computer that tracks motion, temper, stress level, coronary heart fee, respiratory or physique temperature. The Aidlab Public APITrack this API affords oblique salvage entry to with bindings for Solidarity, iOS, Android, and Python SDKs. Suggestions come in to connect and disconnect peripheral, get temperature, get respiratory, get ECG and extra. Aidlab is in a dilemma to talk with Bluetooth devices.

KPN is a telecom company based in the Netherlands. Cubes by KPN is a house of developer building blocks for mobile, desktop, and IoT functions. The CUBES by KPN Healthcare Messenger APITrack this API permits healthcare mavens to talk with their co-workers and sufferers, enabling valid-time stable messaging and file sharing.

OpenAQ uses a aggregate of start info and start source tools as successfully as a world, grassroots community to fight air inequality in diverse areas across the realm. Developers can use the Initiate AQ APITrack this API to tag apps that energy a differ of air quality size tools. The API bring responses in JSON layout.

AerisWeather affords weather info and imagery for developers. The company’s newest API is the AerisWeather Lightning API, which returns info much like form of lightning strike, location, polarity, and amperage.

Bag details about lightning strikes in the previous 5 minutes or previous Quarter-hour with this API

Bag details about lightning strikes in the previous 5 minutes or previous Quarter-hour with this API. Checklist: AerisWeather

Bag details about lightning strikes in the previous 5 minutes or previous Quarter-hour with this API

Bag details about lightning strikes in the previous 5 minutes or previous Quarter-hour with this API. Checklist: AerisWeather

Rebate Bus affords energy rebates to prospects of over 2,500 utility providers. The Rebate Bus APITrack this API is inclined to sync product inventory, accumulate rebates the establish utility functions are crammed with life, and negate fleet and straightforward rebates.

OpenUV Worldwide UV Index Forecast APITrack this API affords Ultraviolet index info in valid time in JSON layout. With the API, developers can tag wearable apps, bots, and neat house assistants in line with info equipped by The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Compare (NIWA) of Unusual Zealand, Ozone info from OMI datasets, AURA Satellite, and NASA.

Foreca affords digital weather products and services for corporations spherical the realm.

API offerings consist of: Foreca Ski Resort Recordsdata APITrack this API affords up-to-date records from over 2.000 global ski hotels, Foreca Local weather Records APITrack this API affords climate info for any inland location specified by geocoordinates and for all Foreca forecast areas (over A hundred and fifty.000 named areas worldwide) and Foreca Climate Plan APITrack this API affords worldwide weather forecasts and observations as plan overlays.

CarbonDoomsDay tracks climate substitute, global warming, and air air pollution as measured by rising atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2 ranges in the air). The CarbonDoomsDay Web APITrack this API permits functions to salvage entry to climate substitute -connected info including carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere measured by NOAA scientists from Mauna Loa, Hawaii.

Carbon Doomsday has charted carbon dioxide ranges since 1958

Carbon Doomsday has charted carbon dioxide ranges since 1958. Checklist: Carbon Doomsday

Weatherbit affords weather info APIs for developers including Weatherbit Forecast 48 hours APITrack this API returns an hourly forecast in 1 hour intervals from any point on the earth. For non-top fee users, this API will return a most of 48 hours, Weatherbit 16 Day Climate Forecast APITrack this API returns JSON-P info with a 16 day forecast in 1 day intervals from any point on the earth and others.

ClimaCell affords weather info for developers and a quantity of functions. The ClimaCell Micro Climate API affords salvage entry to to excessive resolution micro weather info for areas across the U.S. and helps plump geolocation and geo-search capabilities. The service uses new sensing know-how ideas from Wireless Networks, Nexrad, Satellites, Climate Stations, and could zoom to avenue level results. API ideas come in for wind flee, destroy of day, baro stress, humidity, indicators, weather plan grids and much extra.

Tracking weather nearer to the ground affords extra legit

Tracking weather nearer to the ground affords extra legit ‘hyper-native’ info. Checklist: ClimaCell

eHealthMe aggregates info concerning drug trials, medications, aspect results, patient indicators and patient reactions to aid educate healthcare mavens. The eHealthMe APITrack this API affords aggregated FDA info on tens of thousands of remedy, vitamins, and supplements, as successfully as patient final result after taking them. Recordsdata is accessible by gender, age, interval, and extra.

Lexigram is a provider of scientific info and records processing products and services, including the Lexipedia, a series of data about healthcare informatics, successfully being analytics, progressed scientific info processing and machine finding out. The Lexigram APITrack this API returns scientific info and terminology info.

MDguna is a healthcare records know-how and sigh platform that lets in users to overview healthcare quality and price in their dilemma for a diagnosis or scheme. MDguna Healthcare Snort APITrack this API is equipped for healthcare sigh much like diagnosis, procedures, MSDRG, HCPCS, LOINC, RxNorm and HCUPS CCS. This platform affords APIs for ICD9 and ICD10 versions.

Storm Glass affords marine weather info products and services. The Storm Glass Marine WeatherAPITrack this API returns info in line with a seek data from from a longitude and latitude location. Records contains swell top, swell route, coastal sea level, wave top, wind wave route, water temperature, wind gust, ice coverage, air stress, humidity, cloud coverage, and much extra.

Agrimetrics is a platform that affords products and services for the agriculture/meals sector. The design is to drive sustainable productiveness by offering tools for agri-corporations, growers, researchers, and policy makers. The company affords some APIs for application introduction. The Agrimetrics Self-discipline Traits APITrack this API permits developers to salvage three years of data for a self-discipline, including monthly temperatures, monthly total rising level days, monthly rainfall, monthly days of air frost, and vegetation grown in the present day. The Agrimetrics Self-discipline Finder APITrack this API returns the self-discipline identifier for a given latitude and longitude. The Agrimetrics Self-discipline Forecasts APITrack this API permits developers to forecast nick fashion. It affords the previous two weeks of day after day temperature info, rainfall, humidity, and windspeed to enable the review of the most contemporary command of a nick or grass.

California Coastal Commission regulates the usage of land and water in the coastal zone in partnership with coastal city and county governments. Now we possess added four APIs which could well be equipped by the commission for retrievable coastal info. California Coastal Commission Cleanup Day APITrack this API affords info on over 900 seashores and waterways the establish of us make contributions to the command’s biggest volunteer occasion. California Coastal Commission Areas APITrack this API affords info on over 1500 public seashores spanning all 15 coastal counties. California Coastal Commission Meeting Agendas API affords info on the gadgets being addressed by the Commission at every of its monthly conferences. California Coastal Commission Sea Stage Upward push Vulnerability APITrack this API affords info on how rising seas establish coastal sources in all 15 coastal counties at risk.

VSee affords a HIPAA compliant telemedicine resolution. The VSee Person Administration APITrack this API returns JSON info to wait on watch over users. Developers can salvage a person, update a person, delete, and record a person. And the VSee URI API can even be inclined to salvage URIs that originate and configure a VSee client. It could be purposeful to give a button on a web dilemma to call a provider.

VSee far flung telemedicine kit affords the total tools for far flung scientific consultations

VSee far flung telemedicine kit affords the total tools for far flung scientific consultations. Checklist: VSee

ClimBiz is a SaaS procedure presenting science-based climate substitute scenarios to aid name climate risks and connected challenges to a commerce. The ClimBiz ADAPT Local weather Mission APITrack this API permits users to salvage entry to climate projection records for diverse info kinds (i.e. temperature, precipitation, and a lot of others), and geographies. The API makes it easy to verify that you simply presumably can command future scenarios of climate substitute for explicit countries. The design is to manufacture the extremely technical climate mannequin info that creates the climate projections accessible to non-scientists.

ClimBiz API permits corporations to dilemma for price discrepencies triggered by changes in climate

ClimBiz API permits corporations to dilemma for price discrepencies triggered by changes in climate. Checklist: ClimBiz

Sesame is a “neat key” automatic key machine equipped by CANDY HOUSE. The CANDY HOUSE Sesame APITrack this API affords a neat key to unlock a door by Wi-Fi. Developers can salvage battery, sync, and lock door station with the API. It is like minded with Google Home Machine and iOS Beta Program.

US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) goal currently announced an API that will aid Veterans score better salvage entry to to their non-public successfully being info. The Veterans Affairs Health APITrack this API permits a person or an application to request records saved in the Old successfully being database. Users can retrieve info much like patient condition, hypersensitivity intolerance, treatments, diagnostic reviews and extra. This service is an EHR-agnostic RESTful web service that is compliant with the FHIR Argonaut Records Ask Implementation E book. This API is listed beneath the HealthTrack this APITrack this API class. Sight ProgrammableWeb‘s total record of Health APIsTrack this APITrack this APITrack this API.

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