Health Fundamentals: The TRUE History of Cancer in the United States

Health Fundamentals: The TRUE History of Cancer in the United States

Image: Health Fundamentals: The TRUE History of Cancer in the United States

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You don’t contain to head relieve that some distance if reality be told, handiest rather over a century, to win out when most cancers used to be “bred” in the US as a execute of earnings for insidious tyrants of the scientific industry. Neglect about conspiracy theories and let’s talk info — truly, a total barrage of them that boom a dirty direction of corruption and planning.

We’ll birth this off with the 12 months 1905, when the American Medical Affiliation (AMA) hired thugs to dash what they known as the Division of Investigation (DOI) to search out scientific doctors who were utilizing pure therapies and shut them down. This would make certain that the rise of AMA earnings. The DOI stored files on somebody who used to be cured of most cancers by pure medicines. The DOI also stored notes about successfully being foods and dietary vitamins. A crook heading up the AMA at the time, Morris Fishbein, used to be an extortionist who required huge funds to the AMA by pharma corporations for the AMA’s golden “Seal of Acceptance” (sounds take care of recently’s Rapid Note drug approvals), even even if the AMA didn’t contain any services and products to take a look at the extremely experimental, chemical tablets.

It used to be a huge rip-off, but no scientific scientific doctors in The united states were privy to it. On the same time, all nutrition training used to be covertly eradicated from scientific faculties, and chemical tablets were the most helpful upright “medicines.” The tsunami of preventable diseases would ensue, along side Alzheimer’s, diabetes, coronary heart illness, arthritis, and most cancers. Sooner than the early 1900s, barely a case of preventable illness and dysfunction existed. The immoral AMA we know recently started it all and in remark that they’re calm “working great” recently to perpetuate the nightmare.

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What precisely is most cancers? Cancer is the uncontrolled division, multiplication and spread of mutated and warped cells that attack healthy cells and organs. Most most cancers stems from the consumption of chemicals that reason an acidic physique to be deprived of oxygen and vitamins. Even though most cancers used to be no longer actually created in the US, the toxic meals and medicines ambiance that catapults it used to be, so let’s steal a be taught about at how we bought to where we are recently, where one in every three Americans will get most cancers of their lifetime, and half of of those unfortunates are terminated by it.

Timeline of most cancers propagation in the US

1900 – Cancer (specifically lung most cancers) is uncommon. Only about ninety other folks out of each a hundred,000 are diagnosed with it.

1905 – The AMA begins suppressing identified pure therapies for diseases of all sorts and will get rid of dietary training from scientific school curriculum.

1930 – Any scientists and physicians who idea therapies for most cancers win their labs destroyed or materials confiscated, then they’re arrested, silenced or murdered (here’s calm taking place recently, by the means).

1930s – FDA, AMA, and CDC suppress and whisper pure therapies and prevention suggestions for most cancers.

1930 – Microbiologist Dr. Royal Rife proves that if microbes internal most cancers cells are killed, the cells revert relieve to popular ones.

1931 – Medical doctors from around the country join Dr. Raymond “Royal” Rife, who invented the predominant excessive-powered microscope that may possibly possibly presumably right away peek bacteria and viruses, as he isolates a filterable virus of carcinoma and succeeds in destroying the typhus bacteria, to no longer mention the herpes virus and even lines of polio.

1937 – The AMA indicts Dr. Rife for “fraudulent” scientific practices.

1938 – The AMA visits all scientific doctors who support Dr. Rife (and other folks that exhaust his instrument inventions) warning them that in the event that they proceed they’re going to “lose their scientific license.”

1939 – The AMA and the FDA assassinate Dr. Rife’s lab (and attempted to assassinate all of his research, along side his tutorial committee files) on tale of his most cancers remedy price used to be a hundred% amongst his sufferers.

1939 – The AMA actually can pay a most cancers researcher, Dr. Arthur Kendall, over $250,000 (that is more seemingly to be value about $5 million recently) to discontinue working on most cancers therapies and retire in Mexico, where he owned land.

1944 – Dr. Kendall dies of mysterious, unknown causes.

Forties – Lung most cancers is scientifically chanced on to be introduced about by smoking cigarettes, yet the AMA and 20,000 scientific doctors endorse cigarettes as healthy and correct for digestion for thirty more years.

1945 – The auspicious beginning of water fluoridation begins in Gargantuan Rapids, Michigan ethical as WWII ends. Hitler had beforehand old the same form of fluoride in the drinking water in concentration camps to weaken the Jews to take hang of them from rebelling.

1950 – Post WWII meals factories and crops birth processing American meals in cans, adding most cancers-causing chemical components and chemical preservatives.

1955 – Dr. Jonas Salk will get rid of kidneys of rhesus monkeys, injects them with three diversified lines of polio and incubates them to stimulate explain of the virus. Then he dilutes the mixture of lines with formaldehyde to weaken the virus, then injects it into stay monkeys, mice and rabbits and claims, along with CDC, the fresh “miracle vaccine of the century!” has been chanced on and that it’s “marvelous, potent and ambiance gracious.” Groundless polio vaccine remedy is shipped in vials throughout the enviornment. The fraudulent “herd thought” is invented.

Slack Fifties – Polio vaccines given to almost a hundred million Americans sinful with hidden leukemia and SV40 most cancers viruses (it used to be all admitted and recorded by Merck scientist named Dr. Maurice Hilleman, who used to be there at the time and witnessed it all). He’s now known as the “Forgotten Hero.”

1963 – Researchers inject most cancers cells into 19 elderly, debilitated sufferers at a Jewish Power Illness Sanatorium in Brooklyn, NY. The pharma-funded experiment used to be conducted on blacks and Jews that were prisoners on tale of “they were more cost effective than chimpanzees,” in response to pharma industry officials.

1970s – Invasive scientific procedures turn into the “norm” for treating most cancers, along side surgery, radiation, mammograms, chemotherapy and diversified abominable toxic pharmaceuticals.

1971 – President Nixon declares the counterfeit “Battle on Cancer” by launching the “National Cancer Act” whereas meting out a fab $a hundred million to front teams, along side NCI (National Cancer Institute) funds for promoting toxic chemotherapy.

1970s – Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski finds an evolved, cutting edge and non-toxic gene-concentrated on remedy for even the most lethal forms of most cancers (honest like brain most cancers and tumors on the spines in youngsters).

1977 – The FDA raids Dr. Burzynski’s hospital, steals his patented formulation, seizes 12,000 patient files, purposely dilutes the major ingredients of his neoplastons formulation, then claims it doesn’t work after running tests (Dr. Burzynski is calm curing other folks of most cancers recently at his hospital in Texas).

1980s – Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) launched to corn and soy across USA. Genetically engineered and mutated execute in The united states would now be infected with insecticides and herbicides from the within out.

1980s – Komen Foundation, American Cancer Society, National Cancer Institute, Karmanos Cancer Institute, and great of more front teams all raise money (for administrative salaries and charges mainly) whereas pretending to “specialise in for remedy” for most cancers.

2010 – Google, YouTube and Social Media controllers birth huge purge of all files about curing most cancers, pure therapies, CBD oil, hemp, and loads others.

2012 – National Cancer Institute (NCI) spends over $1.2 billion yearly to bury pure therapies.

2018 – Mercury is calm old in vaccines, along side flu shots, whereas CDC lies and says that it’s no longer. There will not be any marvelous level of mercury, formaldehyde or aluminum that shall be injected into a human.

2018 – Poisonous sodium fluoride is calm insidiously dripped into municipal faucet water for the bulk of Americans to exhaust.

Cancer therapies are calm being buried by the FDA, CDC, and the most cancers industrial advanced of the United States. Where must always calm you birth to win answers? Take into tale the uncomplicated process shared in the video under by Dr. Leonard Caldwell.

Cancer is a chemically-pushed illness that dies in an alkalized physique

For more files about how The united states actually breeds most cancers with chemically-altered foods and lab-made medicines (think prescription medicines and chemotherapy), consult with and be taught no longer handiest the reality about most cancers, but prevent and beat it. Seek organic meals and pure medicines. Seek into for dietary files, pure therapies and herbal medicines. Also take a look at out the top 25 most unprecedented info in regards to the hidden history of medicines.

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