Equal justice: ARREST Google CEO Sundar Pichai for lying to Congress

Equal justice: ARREST Google CEO Sundar Pichai for lying to Congress

Image: Equal justice: ARREST Google CEO Sundar Pichai for lying to Congress

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We’re consistently reminded by the left-flit media’s coverage of the Robert Mueller fiasco that “lying to the authorities is against the law.” No doubt, Robert Mueller, fully unable to search out any proper evidence linking Trump to Russia, has resorted to charging folk with “lying to the authorities.”

The the same authorities that consistently lies to us will prosecute you for lying to it. But you’re only prosecuted for lying while you’re a political target of the deep converse regime in vitality. And that’s why Google CEO Sundar Pichai spent most of his day outright lying to the US Congress recently, with paunchy records that nothing will happen to him for the straightforward cause that Google censorship of conservatives is aligned with the ant-Trump agenda being played out by the deep converse. (Read EvilGoogle.files to discontinue on the spot about the amazing unsuitable of the Google regime.)

Sundar Pichai lies about some distance more crucial things than paying off porn stars

If equal justice is to be utilized in The US, shouldn’t Sundar Pichai be arrested and imprisoned for lying to the authorities? Despite all the things, he didn’t merely deceive the authorities within the contrivance in which Michael Cohen supposedly did. Pichai lied about great higher things, falsely claiming there’s “no bias” at Google and pretending that Google isn’t selectively demonetizing or blacklisting pro-Trump bid channels in the end of its search engine and YouTube.

Michael Cohen would be a liar, basically basically based fully on Robert Mueller, but Sundar Pichai is an unsuitable villain of society who routinely lies with impunity. So why isn’t Pichai being arrested recently?

Don’t neglect, by the contrivance in which, that Google is an especially unsuitable, anti-human rights organization that has conspired to help China fabricate a search engine that enforces authorities tyranny over all Chinese voters. Google promotes a regime, in diversified phrases, that murders Falun Gong people, arrests political dissidents to harvest their organs for the sunless market organ commerce, and imprisons journalists for bold to bid the corruption of the Chinese communist regime that enslaves virtually a thousand million folk.

That’s all okay with Google, it appears. But the actual “crime” that will get you banned from Google is bold to strengthen a stable U.S. border, a genuine-The US President or questioning the lunacy of the LGBT dogma that now infests the minds of deranged Leftists. Must you even dare bellow that ladies and men are now not the same, you are flagged for everlasting censorship by Google or YouTube.

Sundar Pichai, factually mentioned, is complicit with crimes against humanity, the violation of basic human rights and the enslavement of the human fling by totalitarian regimes. Yet he lies to Congress with a straight face, protected by his minority privilege and flaunting an elitist air of secrecy that quietly declares he’s smarter than all americans else and thus ought to agree with the skill to commit crimes against humanity with impunity.

Pichai, upright love Zuckerberg and Dorsey, ought to be indicted, prosecuted and subjected to lifetime imprisonment for the crimes these folk agree with over and over utilized against humanity. These sociopathic, vitality-hungry authoritarians replicate precisely the more or less mindset that brought Adolf Hitler to vitality and allowed the Holocaust mass execute of millions of innocent voters within the title of “progress.”

“They lied to Congress and in addition they said that they are now not censoring,” said free speech activist Laura Loomer in a video interview with The Gateway Pundit. “But there might be so great evidence that presentations there might be censorship of conservatives currently taking place of residing.”

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